Loss The Third

Okay here’s the third and last go at this loss topic.  This one will definitely be shorter than the last, but I also have some general questions to attempt answering.  I believe the third form of loss I mentioned earlier on was about the loss of friendships/relationship as a result of growth and change over the course of life.  This is similar to losing people due to distance.  You do not necessarily have to be far away from people for this to happen, but I believe distance can be a factor.  Either way, this is something that often happens naturally over time.  As people continue to experience life, each one is continuously shaped by those experiences, and not every person takes in the same experience the same way.  What I may get out of something may not be what you get out of it.  Change is constant.  What we like, what we do, who we like, and so on.  People change, some for the better, others for the worse.  It is natural that things are lost as a result of change.  I believe the saddest part is losing strong friendships or relationships as a result of change.  I have noticed this very recently concerning friends that stem from my past.  I would do everything with these people back in the day.  It isn’t that we had all the same interests, and we had some similar interests, but we were very close.  After the college years began, I found myself seeing more of the world and finding my identity, and while doing so I found that I just didn’t gel with my friends back home like before.  I wanted to talk more about nerdy things, while they were interested in politics and government issues.  It has gotten to the point now that I hardly talk to any of them because everything has become a conspiracy or a government issue.  Not to say that the government doesn’t have its problems, and we should keep informed about things, but there are other things to talk about besides how bad things are in our country.  It is sad that I find myself not wanting to be around people I’ve been friends with for a long time because we just don’t seem to have that much in common anymore, if we ever did.  Maybe this is just part of growing up, but I hate that relationships have diminished, truthfully because I stopped putting effort into them.  Then again, I’ve always been not great at putting effort into relationships.  Perhaps the ball is in my court to revitalize some of them.

I’ve learned over the years that loss happens.  Change is constant, so things are gained and lost all the time.  Sometimes loss cuts very deep, but it is also necessary to move on to something better.  At the time it is a horrible feeling, but often later (sometimes much later) you are thankful for it because you are better and stronger for it.  

Finding something that was lost just brings back all those great memories.  I recently have started playing old NES, SNES titles, and it brings me right back to my childhood.  Sometimes I wish I could go back and stay there.  

When can reconnecting go horribly wrong?  Probably when you disconnected or were disconnected from something for a good reason and have no business going back.  The disconnection happened for a reason.  People can and do change, but we must be careful.  All too often we can let someone or something back into our lives just to be disappointed and hurt because the reasons we were disconnected before are still there.  Those people or things are better left buried and forgotten.   

Hopefully I can find something a bit more cheery to write about next time.  Peace.



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